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a jazz trio whose rhythm section is entirely managed by a tap dancer


trio improv'iste. Tap dance and acoustic jazz music concert and show to swing, middle jazz, mainstream, bebop, modern jazz, contemporary and experimental jazz, Cuban music, latin and Brazilian and funk. Music and dance improvisation. Lausanne, Switzerland.
photo: Jack Carrot | Rencontres Culturelles de la Vallée de Joux

Donna Lee | Elation | Ants In The Pants | Susy Delair - tap dance, piano, electric guitar
Elation | Baignade | Eronel - tap dance, piano, vibraphone
Half Man Half Cow | Bad Blood | St Thomas - tap dance, double bass, electric guitar

"Covid virtual residencies" projet
Swing Paradise | Misty | Have You Met Miss Jones | Like Someone In Love | Nightmare | Groovid | Nobody Else But Me | Coléoptères

The "trio improv'iste" is a jazz trio that explores the rhythmic possibilities of tap dancing as a percussion instrument in jazz. It works in a polymorphic way with different instruments (double bass, piano, saxophone, guitar, vocal, clarinet, vibraphone, etc...). The tap dancer takes the role of the drummer, music becomes dance, dance becomes music. Since their first appearance in 2006 at the Cully Jazz Festival, this project has never ceased to enrich itself with all kinds of musical traditions. It has toured in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala. In the most significant recent events, it has received a special research grant from the Fondation Parallèle (2021) and played at à Chorus (2022), at the Guatemala Jazz Festival (2023), at the Sunset-Sunside in Paris (2023), at the Marigliano in Jazz Festival (2023), at the Festival de Musique Improvisée de Lausanne (2023) and at the Generations Jazz Festival (2023).

duration: 1h or 2 sets of 45min


Laurent Bortolotti - tap dance / Antoine Brochot - double bass / Latyr Boye - double bass / Jean-Yves Poupin - piano, composition / Andres Jimenez - piano, composition / Didier Todesco - piano / Teis Semey - electric guitar, composition / Fédia Amice - electric guitar / Fabien Vuattoux - electric guitar, composition / Ismaël Boerner - vibraphone, composition

Balthazar Bodin - trombone / Mirko Maio - piano / Alix Logiaco - piano, composition / Gabriel Zufferey - piano / Edgar Dorantes Dosamantes - piano, composition / Ornella Ponnaz - piano / Giovanni Cigui - saxophone / Ramiro González García - saxophone / Yahir Parra - contrebasse / William Barrett - double bass / Louise Knobil - double bass, electric bass, vocal / Lasse Mørck - double bass / Fabien Sevilla - double bass / Ricardo Amadeus - guitar / Sergio Zepeda - guitar / Julio Valle - electric guitar / Sébastien Bride - electric guitar / Zoltán Kisák - guitar / Sandra Klgue - tap dance / Fredy Corado - tap dance / Thomas Wadelton - tap dance, ukulele / Laia Mollins - tap dance / Murielle Bortolotti - contemporary dancing / Raphaël Dumont - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet / Ernie Odoom - saxophone, vocal / Frédéric Jaupart - accordion / Elisabeth Barbey - vibraphone

former members
Guillaume Martineau - piano, composition / Marc Drouard - electric guitar / Stéphane Fisch - double bass, electric bass / Alex Bellegarde - double bass / Popol Lavanchy - double bass / Philippe Sola - double bass