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piano-tap dance duo / the forgotten bird. Tap dance, acting, musical, musical theater, comedy, pantomime, singing and piano show, concert and duo to swing, middle jazz, mainstream, bebop, modern jazz and classical music. Music and dance improvisation. Lausanne, Switzerland. Jean-Yves Poupin (piano + composition), Jean-Daniel Uldry / Magali Tosato / Inez Cierna (staging help), Laurent Bortolotti (staging + tap dance + pantomime + acting + singing + choreography).

piano-tap dance duo    video 1    video 2    video 3
a musical journey danced to jazz standards and original compositions

length of time: 1h or 2 sets of 45min


formerly: the forgotten bird (theatrical version of the piano-tap dance duo)    photos    video
a modern tale told through tap dancing, music, acting, vocal and piano

Pierre Lavirelle, a young and ambitious tap dance artist arrives on Broadway. His goal: become a star adulated by the crowds. The story would like to recount that Pierre does not succeed and that suffering from failure he is lead to discover the "real" values of life. But no, he succeeds. He becomes a reference on Broadway. He is nicknamed the "King of Swing" ... he has fulfilled his ambition. And then? Well, nothing. Nothing but triumph that is, and the years that go by. Oh yes… there’s also a pet bird that he feeds every evening after the show…

length of time: 1h

staging, tap dance, pantomime, acting, vocal: Laurent Bortolotti
piano, composition: Jean-Yves Poupin
staging help: Inez Cierna (2007, 2010) / Magali Tosato (2008) / Jean-Daniel Uldry (2006)
former pianists: Mirko Maio (2021-2022) / Alix Logiaco ( 2019) / Léo Chevalley (2017 - 2018) / Guillaume Martineau (2013 - 2016)
guest pianists: Edgar Dorantes Dosamantes (2023) / Lee Maddeford (2021) / Evaristo Perez (2005)