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office life 3.0. Tap dance and acoustic jazz music concert and show to swing, middle jazz, mainstream, bebop, modern jazz, contemporary and experimental jazz, Cuban music, latin and Brazilian and funk. Theater, acting and real life stories. Voicing, jrjp technique, Jump Rhythm Jazz Project. Music and dance improvisation. Lausanne, Switzerland, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Melbourne, Australia, London England. Laurent Bortolotti (artistic direction + choreography + tap dance  + singing + acting ), Lucy Hopkins (staging), Stéphane Fisch (double bass), Léo Chevalley (piano + singing), Shyrleen Müller (tap dance  + acting ), Thomas Wadelton (tap dance  + singing + acting).

a concert-show; a meeting between live music, theater, tap dancing and real life stories

"office life 3.0 ", or the story of the social climbing of a young boy who becomes a mathematician for a trading company. Behind the air-conditioned offices and their tinted windows, the struggle for power is without mercy...

Some musical selections from this show are available on the jazz é-tap CD.

length of time: 1h15


Laurent Bortolotti - artistic direction, tap dance, dance, vocal, acting
Lucy Hopkins - staging
Stéphane Fisch - double bass
Léo Chevalley - piano, vocal, composition
Shyrleen Müller - tap dance, dance, acting
Thomas Wadelton - tap dance, dance, vocal, acting
Eddy Juillerat - light
Alex Bellegarde - composition - Montreal, Canada

former members: David Chia Bosch - graphic design, tap dance, dance, acting / Guillaume Martineau - piano / Alex Bellegarde - double bass, composition